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Production: Lily & Honglei Art Studio
Medium: Digital animation, Soundtrack
Duration: 4-minute
Year of Completion: 2012


The work is created during 2012, the Chinese Lunar Dragon Year. Associating imagery of human brain with Dragon, one of the most significant cultural creations of China, the work reflects on intriguing meaning of this symbol of Power. Dragon, the imaginary, almighty creature, is the subject of many Chinese classics specially focusing on its ability of adjusting itself for controlling. This cultural icon is vividly alive throughout Chinese history, inspiring personal and national ambitions in both ancient and contemporary societies of China. Within this context, the short film visualizes how this thousand-year-old unreal creature has influenced Chinese people's mindset and thinking.

Dragon's Pearl is available in two versions, namely both a short video and augmented reality installation.

Lily & Honglei, New Media Art From China, Asian Art
Still image of animated short Dragon's Pearl. Image courtesy of Lily & Honglei Art Studio

Augmented Reality mobile phone screenshot of Dragon's Pearl.
Image courtesy of Warren Armstrong.

Past Exhibitions/Screenings

- Augmented Reality Art at Longlake Festival 2016 & LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, presented by Virtual Switzerland, Switzerland http://www.virtuale-switzerland.org/?page_id=680

- Augmented Reality Art: (Un)seen Sculptures 2015, presented by dLux MediaArts and Bega Valley Regional Gallery, Australia http://www.unseensculptures.com/?page_id=1022

- Carnival of E-Creativity 2013, India

– The 8th. Budapest Short Film Festival 2013, Hungary

–  XI Kansk International Video Art Festival 2013, Russia

- Manipulated Image, curated by Morehshin Allahyari and Alysse Stepania, Iran http://manipulatedimage.com/MI18_sazmanab.html

lily & honglei, new media art from China
Dragon's Pearl at screening event Manipulated Image in Iran. Image courtesy of Sazmanab.



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