Artists: Lily & Honglei Art Studio
Year of production: 2014
Duration: 4’40”
Medium: Oil on paper, digital animation, soundtrack



Inspired by Peony Pavilion, a popular Chinese play written by Tang Xianzu in the 16th century, the animated film visualizes contemporary issues of a multicultural society that is based on consumerism.

The digital animated film is based on oil paintings, with kunqu excerpts as the soundtrack. The lyrics include famous verses by Tang Xianzu, a Chinese playwright of Ming Dynasty:

‘Where is the pleasant day and pretty night? Who can enjoy contentment and delight?’
‘As innocent as flowers, unaware of the time sweeping past like a river’


lily honglei, asian art, Asian diaspora, new media art NYC

lily honglei, asian art, Asian diaspora, new media art NYC

THE POENY PAVILION has been featured in New Media Fest 2011, 2020


In contrast, reconstructing multiple video art pieces including Peony Pavilion, Butterfly Lovers and Milkyway and inspired by French Romantic composor Cecile Chaminade's Capriccio,an alternitive version reflects the conscience of Asia diaspora and immigrant community in New York City. The work is released in a virtual concert produced in the pandemic in 2020, featuring both video art and classic music composed by female authors and performed by Astoria Music Group based in Queens NY. View the video below:



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