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// VM 618: Digital Media Production I // Visual & Media Studies @ Emerson College
// Course Credits: 4 // Lab Location: 180 Tremont Street T809
// Lecturer: Lily X. Yang,

// Office: 1119C // Office Hour: 3 - 4:30PM, Wednesday

Class Schedule

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//Sep.10, //Sep. 17, //Sep. 24, //Oct. 1, //Oct. 8, //Oct. 15, //Oct. 22,

//Oct. 29, //Nov.5, //Nov. 12, //Nov. 19, //Nov. 26, //Dec. 3, //Dec. 10, //Dec. 17


Week 1 (Sep.10) - Part I: Start the Journey in Cyberspace

Due: N/A
Lecture Topics:
1. Introduction to course.
3. Discussion Forum.

4. Project Part I
Dreamweaver - Defining Site, Starter Page, Types of Layout
Class work:
1. Set up personal Pages on school server
2. Exercise 1 (PDF) (Sample 1 2) (consider using provided Page Designs CSS, replace with your own contents and analyze the code in order to become familiar with HTML)
Homework: (for viewing and saving Assignment PDF files, Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher is requied, download for PC, for Mac)
1.Technical Training: HTML Basic
2. Assignment: Complete Project Proposal (PDF) and submit it to instructor via email ( by the next class.
3. Reading: * Multimedia * Prologue * Integration of the Arts
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Week 2 (Sep.17) - Part I (continued)

Due: 1. Project Proposal 2. Subscription to
Lecture Topics: CSS Basic - Concepts and Techniques (sample)
Demonstrations: Dreamweaver - CSS Basic Structure and Selectors, Hyperlinks
Class work: Continue working on Exercise 1
1. Technical Training:
* XHTML Basic
* (on DVD) Week 2 - CSS/XHTML Fundamentals 1
2. Assignment: Complete Exercise 1 (PDF) for group discussions next class.
3. Reading:
* Five Simple Steps to Better Web Typography go back to top

Week 3 (Sep. 24) - Part I (presentation)

Due: Exercise 1 - 90% complete for group discussion
Lecture Topics: CSS Basic - Concepts and Techniques (continued)
Demonstrations: Dreamweaver - Insert Image, Layer, Position
Class work:
1. Presentations of Exercise 1.
2. Refine your basic Web site based on feedbacks.
1. Technical Training: CSS/XHTML Fundamentals 2; HTML 4.01 / XHTML 1.0 Reference
2. Assignment: Complete Exercise 1
3. Reading:
* CSS Basic at
* Copyright Law

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Week 4 (Oct. 1) - Part II The Screen: Design Web Pages

Due: Exercise 1 finished and published on your Pages
Lecture Topics: Multimedia Web Site Design Process
Photoshop - Image Processing for the Web: Selection, Transparency, Format & Compression
Class work:
1. Introduction to Project Part II with Site Map Flow Chart.
2. Exercise 2 (PDF), due the end of the class (make sure to save a backup copy of your Basic Website).
1. Technical Training:
* Photoshop Tutorials
* (on DVD) Week4 - Photoshop Selection Essentials
2. Assignment:
* Project Part II The Screen (PDF), screen design based on the flowchart and basic Web site developed previously.
* Site Map Flow Chart (PDF), due next class on Wednesday for individual review. Please bring a (digital) copy with you. You can edit the Site Map by using either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
3. Reading: * Robert Wilson - Visual Theater
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Week 5 (Oct. 8) - Part II (continued)

Due: 1. Site Map (flowchart) 2. Part II - 50% complete for individual review
Lecture Topics: N/A
Photoshop - Image Processing for the Web (continued)
Class work:
1. Individual Review on Site Map.
2. Continue working on Part II screen design
1. Technical Training: Week5 - Working with Background in CSS
2. Assignment: Complete project Part II The Screen for group reviews next class, and prepare to answer questions regarding your design from three aspects:
*Concept *Aesthetics *Technique
3. Reading: N/A
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Week 6 (Oct. 15) - Part II (presentations), Part III (introduction)

Due: Complete Part II The Screen for presentation
Lecture Topics: * Defining Bitmap Image (or Raster Graphic) & Vector Graphic
Demonstrations: Flash - drawing & animation techniques
Class work:
1. Presentations of Part II.
2. Part III: Animation design (using a Storyboard, PDF - optional ).
1. Technical Training: Week6 - Flash Drawing & Symbol
2. Assignment: project Part III Get Immersed: motion & sound (PDF) - design animated introduction in Flash for individual review next class.
3. Reading: Explore the resource links provided by the project description.
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Week 7 (Oct. 22) - Part III: Get Immersed - Motion & Sound

Due: Part III - 35% complete
Lecture Topics: Animation & Web Site
Demonstrations: Flash - animation, filter & sound
Class work:
1. Continue developing animation introduction based on individual review.
2. Collect and add sound.
1. Technical Training: Week7 - Flash Animation & Sound
2. Assignment: Part III Get Immersed: motion & sound (PDF), continue developing animation introduction with sound.
3. Reading: Immersion

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Week 8 (Oct. 29) - Part III (continued)

Due: Part III - 70% complete
Lecture Topics: Understanding Flash Video - Progressive Download, Flash Media (or Communication) Server, Cue Point.
Demonstrations: Flash - video; publishing
Class work:
Continue working on animation, sound & video. Collect at least one video clip (mov. avi.) that can be either your own work or an archive related to your research. Encode the video to FLV.
1. Technical Training: Week8 - Flash Filter & Publishing
2. Assignment: complete Part III Get Immersed: Motion & Sound for group critiques next week.
3. Reading: N/A

Week 9 ( Nov. 5) - Part III (presentation), Part IV (introduction)

Due: Complete Part III Get Immersed - Motion & Sound for group critique
Lecture Topics: Interactivity on Web
Demonstrations: Flash - Button functions.
Class work:
1. Group critiques on Part III.
2. Introduction to Part IV.
1. Technical Training: Week9 - Flash Components & Video
2. Assignment: project Part IV Interactive Space (PDF).
3. Reading: Roy Scott - cybernetic version
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Week 10 (Nov. 12) - Part IV (continued)

Due: Part IV - 35% complete
Lecture Topics: Interacivity on the Web (continued)
Demonstrations: Flash - interaction design
Class work: Develop interactive timeline for Research section on your Creative Journey Web site (explore the ActionScript Library on the provided DVD)
1. Technical Training: Week10 - Flash Interaction
2. Assignment: Work on project Part IV Interactive Space.
3. Reading (learn as much as you need): ActionScript 3.0
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Week 11 (Nov. 19) - Part IV (continued)

Due: Part IV - 70% complete
Lecture Topics:Site Showcases and Virtual Community
Demonstrations: Flash - interaction design (continued)
Class work:
Continue developing interactive timeline. Consider the most compelling ways to reinforce theme for your Creative Journey Web site.
1. Technical Training: Week 11 - Flash Interaction (continued)
2. Assignment: Complete Part IV Interactive Space for group critique next class.
3. Reading: N/A
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Week 12 (Nov 26) - Thanksgiving Break. No class.

Week 13 (Dec 3) - Part IV (presentations), Part V (introduction)

Due: Complete Part IV Interactive Space for presentation
Lecture Topics: N/A
Demonstrations: Dreamweave - Coverting, Embedding, Adding Behaviors
Class work:
1. Presentation of Part IV.
2. Start working on Part V.
1. Technical Training: Week12 - Photoshop to Dreamweaver; embedding Flash elements (swf. flv.); embedding MOV.; Dreamweaver Behaviors.
2. Assignment: project Part V A Unified "Journey" (PDF)
3. Reading:
* CSS Inspirations
* CSS Advanced at
* (optional) Dreamweaver and Dynamic Page Design
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Week 14 (Dec. 10) - Part V: Unifying "My Journey"

Due: Part V - 50% complete
Lecture Topics:
Dreamweaver CS3 Dynamic Development - working with XML, PHP, SQL, ASP, AJAX
Demonstrations: N/A
Class work: Work on Part V. Individual discussion and troubleshooting.
1. Technical Training: Week13 - CSS Layout and Typography
2. Assignment:
* Bibliography and Design Credits
* Continue working on project Part V for final presentations next week.
3. Reading: MLA Manual (Bibliography Formats)
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Week 15 (Dec. 17) - Final Presentation

Due: Part V.
Lecture Topics: N/A
Demonstrations: N/A
Class work:
1. Final Presentation - "my creative journey" Web Site
2. Refine project Part V based on feedback. Complete semester project "My Creative Journey" multimedia Website. Submit URLs for final grade.
Homework: N/A

Have a great break. Best of luck!

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