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// Figure Drawing // Fine Arts // College of Visual & Performing Arts // UMASSD
// Course Credit: 3 // Lecturer: Honglei Li



Course Description

A drawing course designed to provide fundamental knowledge and skill in observing and understanding 3-dimensional form and space. Students study the human form by drawing from the model, and study drawing inanimate objects to reinforce their understanding of structure and perspective.

Course Objectives/Topics

To introduce students to the principles and techniques of observing form and space; to provide students with the techniques of creating form and space through line and tone; to acquaint students with the historical spectrum of drawing by looking at master drawings; to
familiarize students with specific anatomical terms, forms and constructions.


For one quarter of each semester, students are trained in the basics of traditional freehand drawing: accurate seeing and recording, composing and generalizing, spatial representation including freehand perspective drawing, familiarity with a variety of drawing materials, and an introduction to various black and white drawing techniques.For the remainder of the term, students work from models. A systematic study of the human form ensues. The class will study and discover specific anatomical forms, the integration of all parts of the figure through gesture drawing, and the descriptive and expressive power of line and tone when creating drawings of the figure.

Required Materials

Sketchbook at least 5" x 7". I recommend an 8" x 11" sketchbook
24" x 36" newsprint pad
Good quality drawing paper 24” X 36” Range of graphite pencils: 2H to 6Brange of charcoal pencils: extra soft to hard
White chalk
Kneaded eraser and pink pearl
A portfolio to store drawings-this can be as simple as two pieces of foam core taped at the bottom to open like a book
Masking tape


Student grades are determined by:
- The quality of the student's creative solutions to the assigned problems, both in class drawings and the quality of class participation in critiques and collaborative projects and homework assignments.
- Unexcused absences are not permitted. If a student is absent 3 classes or more, it will adversely affect the final grade. Three late arrivals constitute an absence.
- Students must bring all required materials to class.


- Regular attendance and participation;
- Comprehension of theoretical concepts as evidenced by portfolio and by participation in critiques;
- On-time completion of class work and home work assignments.