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// VM 618: Digital Media Production I // Visual & Media Studies @ Emerson College
// Course Credits: 4 // Lab Location: 180 Tremont Street T809
// Lecturer: Lily X. Yang,

// Office: 1119C // Office Hour: 3 - 4:30PM, Wednesday


During the semester, students will develop a major multimedia website, My Creative Journey, including several working sections. Central to this practice is an understanding of key concepts for the interpretation of evolving multimedia forms: including integration, interactivity, hypermedia, immersion, and narrativity. Readings will be distributed and discussed for in-depth explorations in the realm of new media art.

At graduate level, you are highly encouraged to create an ambitious project that will be directly related to your professional practices in the future. Start planning a multimedia, dynamic website that is conceptually profound, aesthetically intriguing and culturally meaningful. With this Website, you are going to present your personal creative journeys with important background materials in a field you are most interested in. Throughout the semester, step-by-step, you will be introduced to following subjects to realize your ideas: digital graphics production, animation and sound, interaction design, and Website construction.

The list below describes an overview of the requirements for your project that will include the following information:
Virtual Gallery/Theater/Lab - an interactive multimedia presentation/demonstration/ simulation of your creations, which could be artistic, scientific, educational, political... entirely up to your personal directions;
Research/Influence - what movements, events or individuals have influenced your creativity deeply? Design a timeline with detailed descriptions to illustrate the cultural contexts;
Animated Introduction (Intro Page/Banners) - exciting cinematic introduction to the topic that compels the audience to learn more;
Credits/Bibliography - a complete bibliography of your sources;
Contact Information - don’t forget to include your email address;
(optional) Blog/Guestbook - a chance for interacting feedbacks.

Multimedia Specification
you should use background music, voice-over and sounds when appropriate; Video: the Website must incorporate at least one digital video clip. This can be live footage or rendered 2D or 3D animation;
Hyperlinks - hyperlinks, those typically appear in the Bibliography section, to Internet Websites of relevance should be contained in you web site.

Now, it is the time to free your imaginations, research on existing Websites and become inspired, more importantly, look back into your previous creative activities and decide appropriate visual/audio design solutions to integrate and convey your contents online. In contrast to those text-heavy, static Webpages, your innovative multimedia design, careful considerations of typography and compositions on screen, will provide users and audiences an immersive, highly interactive experience in cyberspace.



You will be instructed to construct your multimedia Website by completing following parts:

Part I (PDF) Start the Journey in Cyberspace - information design

* Exercise 1 (PDF) - basic Web site construction using Dreamweaver.

Part II (PDF) The Screen: Design Web Pages - navigation design, screen design

* Exercise 2 (PDF) - producing graphics for Website using Photoshop (or other graphic applications)

Part III (PDF) Get Immersed: Motion & Sound - animation design in Flash that enhances the audio-visual experience of your Website.

Part IV (PDF) Interactive Space - interaction design in Flash.

Part V (PDF) A Unified "Journey" - final stage of your Website design in Dreamweaver, during which you are integrating all visual, audio components, interactions into a coherent multimedia online presentation.

NOTE: Your Websites will be published on As the same time, make sure to back up your project, including all your HTML files, images, video clips, etc. -frequently. It is always necessary to save at least 2 copies of your digital works. Enjoy your creative journey as a digital artist!