Teaching - Digital Media & Fine Arts 杨熙瑛,李宏磊



* Digital Media Production

* Motion Graphics

* Fine Arts

* Chinese Brush Painting

* Student Gallery


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Teaching Philosophy

I believe that a great art/design teacher has a deep and broad-ranging influence on both contemporary art/design and society. As an artist, designer and educator, it is nearly impossible to differentiate my artistic practice from my teaching, as it is difficult to separate life from art. Teaching is the way spreading ideas about art/design and the role of art/design in society to a wide range of audiences, while creating open forums for debate and discussion provoking thoughts. Ideally, an educator sets up a role model not only serving the society with useful knowledge and skills, but also being a catalyst for change through action and interaction.

A teacher is a guide to cultivate students’ creative development. In the digital age, mastering new media literacy, particularly computer skills become more and more significant in visual design/art programs in colleges. As result of technology development, the studies in visual communications demand efficient and effective tools, namely digital language and expressions. In order to bridge students and today’s society, an art/design teacher should equip themselves with new concept in design or art-making processes that will be delivered to students. In all my courses, I challenge my students with taking multiple approaches to problem-solving , interdisciplinary thinking, multicultural awareness, the spirit of collaboration and good work ethic, which are essential to individual development in the 21st century.

I encourage my students to become disciplined, independent, critical thinkers with the confidence to express themselves and communicate in a meaningful manner. During design/art-making processes, risk-taking, experimenting and in-depth research always contribute to invaluable learning experience. It is extremely rewarding to me to initiate and participate these creative processes. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to construct a stimulating learning environment for students to explore and grow, to become knowledgeable about aesthetics, art history, cultural and critical studies, to achieve technical proficiency for future professional life, ultimately develop a meaningful art/design practice in society.