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// Digital Media Foundation // FOU 114 // Visual Design // CVPA, UMass Dartmouth //
// Lecturer: Lily X. Yang,


Project Procedure

02/28, 03/06, 03/13, 03/27, 04/03, 04/10

Week 5 (02/28 - 03/06)

Lecture Topic: Motion, Sound and Virtual Space

Technical Demonstrations:

1. Photoshop - creating a Linear Storyboard with digital tools

2. Adobe After Effects: Importing footages, Compostion Basic, Preview, Layers & Properities

Work in Class:

1. Create a folder named as " storyland" for storing all footages and the aep. file(s). Save the folder "storyland" on JUDY.

2. Research and collect images for your project by seaching the provided resources.

3. Create your Linear Storyboard for the ideas/theme of Story Land - my cultural space; individual disscusion on your storyboard. *Recommended process: using Photoshop, Illustrator. You can apply both found images and your own contents. *Optional process: using hand-drawings. With this option, you will need to scan your complete storyboard and save the digital vision into your "storyland" folder on JUDY.

Homework: Complete your Linear Storyboard and save it as PDF (or JPEG) files into your "storyland" folder on JUDY. Due: March 6th.


Week 6 (03/06 - 03/13)

Lecture Topic: Motion, Sound and Virtual Space (continued)

Technical Demonstrations: Adobe Affer Effects CS3 Professional

Overview of the After Effects workflow (video training:

1. Importing Photoshop files into After Effects

2. Creating and organizing projects

3. Creating and managing layers

4. Working with keyframes in the timeline (Adobe Video Workshop)

Work in Class:

1. Individual discussion on your complete Storyboard: what is your main message? What kind of visual styles can effectively deliver it, realistic or abstract? How will you apply motions with the images?

2. Start composing your film in After Effects by applying imaging elements indrotuced to construct your "cultural space."


1. In Abobe After Effects, set up a composition with the appropriate settings (see pdf.). Import images from Photoshop or Illustrator and sound file(s). Assemble a timeline (20 second - 5 minutes) with both visual and audio components, while paying close attentions to the essential factors, such as motion, space, sound and their relationships, to reflect theme. * Save your After Effects project (aep) and all related files in the "Storyland" folder on JUDY.

2. Watch online training videos as needed. Write down your questions for group discussions/troubleshootings in the next class.

Due: March 13


Week 7, 8 (03/13 - 03/27)

Technical Demonstrations: Adobe Affer Effects CS3 Professional (continued)

1. Edit Original in Photoshop & Illustrator

2. Layers (watch online tutorial): * Time Layers * 3D Layers

3. Effects (watch online tutorial): * Keying * Text * Audio

Work in Class: Group reviews/discussions on project progress. Continue working and troubleshooting.


1. Continue constructing the timeline in After Effects. Explore and apply appropriate properties and effects to strengthen the theme of "cultural space."

2. Watch training videos at


Week 9 (03/27 - 04/03)

Technical Demonstrations: Exporting QuickTime Movie

1. Final format is

2. Pixel resolutions can be 640x360, 640x480, 720x540 with square pixel aspect ratio

3. Movie file frame rates 24fps or 30fps

4. Video codecs: DivX, H.264, Sorenson, MPEG-4, or WMV

5. Audio codecs: uncompressed, AAC, AC3, or MP3

6. Duration: no shorter than 20 seconds, no longer than 5 minutes.

Work in Class: Continue working and troubleshooting. Export your project in Quicktime Movie format.

Homework: Finish the first version of "Cultural Space" for group critique on 04/03.

Due: April 3rd


Week 10 (04/03 - 04/10)

Work in Class: Refine your projects based on critique and feedbacks. Export movies in Quicktime Movie format (mov.) and Flash video format (flv.) by using compressions.

Homework: Complete "cultural space" based on group review. Burn your files onto CD/DVD for the final presentation on April 10th, including:

1. Quicktime Movie (mov.) - for projection

2. Flash Video (flv.) - for publishing online

3. A short description of your film (less than 150 words). Please include your name, film duration, theme or brief background information that will be helpful to communicate with audience, especially, your solution incorporating sound, motion and images. - You will be asked to read the description during the group presentation on Apr.10th.

Due: April 10th

Week 11 (04/10)

1. Group Presentation "Story Land - My Cultural Space"

2. Introduction to Project 6



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