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// Structural Drawing // Fine Arts // College of Visual & Performing Arts // UMASSD
// Course Credit: 3 // Lecturer: Honglei Li



Course Description

This course will cover a wide range of drawing processes and concepts. Demonstrations, lectures, assignments, books will provide a concerted effort to familiarize the students with the fundamentals of drawing. These include but are not limited to correct and careful observation, ways of structuring the picture plane, establishing proportion, creating believable space with linear perspective, and modeling form with value. A variety of mediums such as pencil, ink and charcoal will be introduced. Drawing is the foundation of visual expression, and this course will consider its relevance from diverse cultural and historical point of view.

Course Objectives/Topics

Through drawing you will develop concepts, present information, and express ideas. this course will explore:
Contour line
Positive/ Negative shape and space
Perspective: 1, 2, and 3 point
Proportion measuring
Sighting angles
Various media
Sustained study-major project

Required Materials

Sketchbook at least 5" x 7". I recommend an 8" x 11" sketchbook
24" x 36" newsprint pad
Good quality drawing paper 24” X 36” Range of graphite pencils: 2H to 6Brange of charcoal pencils: extra soft to hard
White chalk
Kneaded eraser and pink pearl
A portfolio to store drawings-this can be as simple as two pieces of foam core taped at the bottom to open like a book
Masking tape


Your final grade will be based on the following:
Effort in class work
Quality of homework
Timely completion of assignments
Participation in class discussion and critiques
Final portfolio
A - Truly outstanding work on all levels, including ideation, design, and execution, as well as attendance, participation and discussion.
B - Strong, above-average work in all areas. Projects must work well and be based on a good idea; you must participate and attend regularly.
C - Average work. Any one of the following may earn you a "C": non-functioning projects, frequent absences or lateness, work complete after the due date, or lack of participation.
D - Poor work. A "D" on any area of your work should be considered a warning flag.F - Unacceptable.


Regular attendance
Effort and preparedness
Appropriate materials
Participation in critiques
On-time completion of all assignments

Students are expected to be active participants in class dissuasions and critiques. Demonstrations that are missed because of student absence will not be repeated. After two absences, any further absences will lower your grade for attendance by one letter grade. According to College policy, any unexcused absence in excess of five will result in a failing grade.