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Lily Honglei, Virtual Reality Art, Asian cultural heritage, globalization, urbanization in China

Lily Honglei, Virtual Reality art, Augmented Reality art, painting, urbanization in China

Mediums: Online Vritual World Platform, Augmented Reality, Animation, Shadow Play Motif,
Oil Paintings on Canvas

Weaving three interfaces, namely virtual reality (VR) in cyberspace, augmented reality (AR) on mobile phones and a series of paintings, the project visualizes the metamorphosis brought about by urbanization process in China. With a retrospective into the past through time-honored imagery of shadow play and a reflection of the present through immersion in the realities of modern China, we seek to present stories of everyday people impacted by a historic social trasformation to the conscience of a worldwide audience.


Lily Honglei, Virtual Reality Art, Augmented Reality Art, Painting, ecology, globalization

THE SUNKEN GARDEN (2018-present)
Mediums: Online Vritual World Platform, Augmented Reality, Animation, Oil Paintings on Canvas

Portraying endangered species in New York state and beyond, The Sunken Garden is an interdisciplinary art project integrating painting and emerging technologies to reflect upon our relationship with nature. The project is currently in progress.


Lily Honglei, Virtual Reality Art, Video Game art, China, Asian cultural heritages

Mediums: Online Vritual World Platform, Animation

Land of Illusion reconstitutes Chinese history and culture, collapses past, present, and future into an amalgamation reflecting on relevant issues in China. The work interweaves Chinese folkloric traditions and globalization, superimposes its glorious past and elements from its chaotic and contradictory present to compose a multi-layered tale about free thinking.


Cyber Museum of Contemporary Art (2009)
- Land of Illusion as a multifunctional space
Medium: Online 3D virtual world platform, virtual environment design, interactive design
Project collaborators: DSL Collection of Contemporary Chinese Art

DSL Cyber MoCA is a collaboration between DSL Collection of Contemporary Chinese Art and artists Lily Honglei, who intend to develop highly interactive online exhibitions for contemporary art. Based on their “Land of Illusion” art project in Second Life, Lily Honglei designed DSL Cyber MoCA utilizing cyberspace virtual world platform, digital multimedia presentations, and Online communication technologies to materialize a new concept of virtual art museum in the early 21st century. For more information about Cyber MoCA, please click here


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